Our team of experienced analysts generate quality calls every day for Binance and KuCoin.
Our weekly success rates are generally 80 to 90%.
We essentially provide you real-time access to our own trading diaries, as we write them.
We will provide you with the asset, our entry, our three targets (usually ranging from 3 to 20%), and our stop-loss.
Please understand that these trades should be considered opinion and for information purposes only.
It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

See here our total profits and losses and accuracy since the start of the ATS signals channel:

Stats since 1 november 2018

Total profits
Total success rate
Total losses

We are here to help you (re)build your portfolio, even during a bear market!
We offer everything you need to learn the basics of Technical Analysis.
We are constantly looking to improve ourselves, and we strive to give the best service humanly possible.
Altcoin Trading Services presents you with a full suite of professional tools for both automated and manual trading.
We have all the features you need to succeed!

What you can expect with the Altcoin Trading Services Signal Channel:

Steady profits, high accuracy, and a lively, supportive community with 24/7 support from our analysts and admins

> Discord channel
> Telegram alert channel
> Market updates
> Average accuracy: 85%
> Crash/dip warnings
> 1 lifetime price
> Trading tips and advice
> 24/7 support

> Youtube: market and BTC updates
> Crypto-currency news, as it breaks
> Direct access to our analysts and administrators
> Signals listed 30 to 60 minutes ahead of free channels
> Premium-Only signals, that won’t be shared with the free group
> The opportunity to learn, and grow your portfolio in a fun and supportive community
> Technical Analysis from 4 respected analysts
> If you also own the ATSbot, you can subscribe to automate our manual signals! (comming soon)

We offer a cornucopia of services for one lifetime fee.
Our team is based around the world, so there is always someone on-hand to answer your questions and lend support.

Have a look at our Premium Discord/Telegram:

We recommend the Discord, but we also automatically forward all signals, P&L results, and BTC-updates to our Premium Telegram channel.

We also offer our Premium members regular video updates on Youtube regarding market conditions.

Select your subscription now to earn with the ATS team just for $250 USD (lifetime access)!

ATS Signals subscription

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

We all were beginners at some point, and we all needed support and ideas from those who came before us!


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