Trexen is the most powerful, user-friendly automated trading system on the market.
Safe and secure, Trexen is installed on your own computer or VPS, automatically executing orders coming from TradingView, email, our Expert Analysts, and more!
Trexen currently supports BitMEX and Binance, with more exchanges to come!

User-Friendly Experience
Ease of use is critical in saving time and costly mistakes.

No complicated syntax to learn and make mistakes on. Be 110% sure that your orders will execute as you expect with Trexen’s powerful GUI interface.
– No need to update unreadable alert messages on TradingView, complex multi-part order sets are saved and modified right from the bot! A simple, readable “MySavedBTCLong” alert from TradingView can trigger as many saved orders as you want!
– Don’t have time to setup your own strategy? Simply subscribe to our Premium Analyst Signals and Trexen can trade calls from our Professional Analysts automatically!
Easy installation
24/7 support, helpful community

Developed by Professional Algorithmic Traders
Trexen was developed to suit the complex needs of algorithmic/automated traders who were frustrated how error-prone and lacking current bot offerings were. Trexen is for the trader who needs something more powerful than “buy/sell X BTC”
– Trexen is the only bot that allows complex ordering schemes. Create any combination of limit, market, stop, orders as you want.
Compound your profits with percentage-based order sizes, and keep trading funds for each trading pair separate. Order sizes and prices are calculated on the fly.
– Trexen is also a great tool for manual traders! No need to calculate how much of your balance an order costs. Quickly scale into your position with saved sets of limit orders. Instantly place an order on bid/ask. Automatically execute saved order sets for breakouts from your trendlines and price level alerts. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity!

Peace of Mind
The whole point of running a bot. You don’t want to worry about if your bot is doing what you expect it to, just set and forget. If the need arises, Trexen is there to quickly make any manual moves as well.

Monitor your positions, orders, and balances at a glance. Easily perform any action that you could do from the exchange right from the bot.
Automatically retry orders during BitMEX server overloads. Dynamic rate-limiting ensures that you don’t get IP banned, either.
Place special order types that aren’t offered on the exchanges such as: Binance Trailing Stops, BitMEX Trailing Limits, BitMEX Break-Even Stops, and more to come!
– Does the alt market look like it’s about to crash? Do you need to quickly free up some BTC? Liquidate all your Binance assets into the quote currency of choice with just a few clicks.

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