Altcoin Trading Services was born to solve two problems that commonly bother our community: legitimacy in signaling platforms, and the need for a fully functional automated trading system that offers both speed and security. As traders, we struggled to find retail solutions that could actually get the job done. Most bots on the market and slow and lack key areas on functionality, while most “signal” channels on Telegram are outright scams, feeding into “Pump & Dump” cartels. At ATS, we are proud to offer a legitimate product suite.

We will not make false promises (“1000x your BTC in a day with the Best pumps!!!”). What we will tell you is that our system posts consistent, stable returns that will help you to grow your portfolio at a respectable rate, steadily over time.

Altcoin Trading Services aims to provide a consummate suite of powerful trading tools to minimize your risk, and maximize your returns. Automated traders love our ATS Trexen bot, with the speed necessary to beat the competition, and secure the best possible entry and exit.

The ATS Script Library is a veritable indicator gold mine, allowing you to see your charts in a whole new light, and develop custom trading strategies for your ATS Trexen bot.

Our analysts work every day to provide you with high quality signals (now available for automation). Manual traders following our Discord and Telegram channels enjoy consistent healthy profits. Our Discord server also features educational literature, breaking news, and a vibrant community of traders. We are here to serve, and we will not let you down!