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Automate your TradingView signals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Trexen bot is a powerful trading system with features for both automated and manual trading. Combined with our extensive Script Library and/or our Professional Analyst Signals, Trexen allows you to effortlessly grow your balance with safety and consistency.


Powerful and intuitive trading bot. An array of powerful features for both automated and manual trading.


The fastest and most powerful bot on the market! Installed in under 5 minutes, Trexen is a simple and secure solution for all your trading needs.
Listens to signals from your TradingView alerts, emails, or even our Professional Analysts. Currently supports Binance, BitMEX, with new exchanges to come!

Pinescript marketplace

An extensive marketplace of TradingView scripts, allowing you to fine tune your trade strategy to your liking. We provide the marketplace to offer and find the best indicators for both automated and manual traders

Pinescript marketplace

There are indicators for each type of trader, and can be used on across a variety of asset markets, candles, and market conditions

Analyst Signals

We do all the work for you! Our team of professional analysts provide 85%+ accurate, reliable signals. Combined with Trexen, this is the easiest, most hands-off approach!

Analyst Signals

We have built a strong signal channel with a long history of profitable trades. These signals can be traded on manually, or even easier, Trexen can trade them for you!

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Our Core Values

Altcoin Trading Services strives to be the premier digital management services provider for the retail trader. Our international team brings together a variety of perspectives, governed by a common passion for fiscal sovereignty, and the hope for a true financial revolution. We are dedicated to sharing that passion by helping to light a similar fire within others. We take your portfolio just as seriously as our own. We are committed to your success, and we seek to earn your trust through an exceptional suite of products, and the highest standard of service. Together we grow. Together we gain.

Proud ATS Community Members

“ATS team is incredible. Every investor should be aware or these guys! The precision and profitability are amazing. On few days I got back my investment. Great precision, great community support, great human beings behind the scenes. Hard-workings guys like these are rare. Join the boat. You truly won’t regret!”

Bruno F. Damasio

“Thought I’d chime in being a beta tester and a premium member. The guys at ATS do run one of the most honest services I have seen. I’ve been in about 5-6 different groups and this is the one I have learned from the most. The educate their customers and I feel more empowered to do my own ta. They don’t bullshit you and own up to everything they do. Eisley has good risk management and sets good stop losses. I think it’s totally worth it”

Javier Berlanga

“I am in its more than worth it. Besides amazing signals you’ll get support beyond next level. They chat with everyone of us. Answer all questions… love critics and follow new ideas. Did i mention support and service are amazing and signals are crazy? Well … they are!!! Go for it. You wont regret”


“Joining their premium gave me confidence again in trading and crypto. I was on the edge of selling all my positions at 90% loss and get out. The team cheered me up and proved to be legit and awesome. It’s a crazy world out there in crypto and you need a team you can trust. Here it is”


“I’m a premium member.. I have to say that their signals are accurate. And their analysts are always available to answer questions and provide advice to all members. Well worth the cost of membership. You will make it back easily with their guidance.”

Roberto Spangler
“I do have to tell you that I was using an institutional grade bot for a month called ********** that runs 12K a year license…This blows it out of the water! This gives me more control and all that SQL, JAVA, etc. made me rely too much on their developer/support guy rather than tweak what I wanted myself. It was not intuitive at all, it had many complex parts, and it seemed the more complex it got that one little thing would mess the whole thing up. This, I don’t need to know code, preload tons of data, or have my own crappy AWS console…all just to do what the basics of your badass machine can easily do and then some! Bravo! Just wanted to let you know what a great product you have here.”