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This extensive database is an invaluable resource for any professional trader.
The ATS Script Library is a comprehensive bank of strategies to fit any and all trading styles.
We support traditional, Heikhin Ashi, and Renko candles, and our scripts work not only with cryptocurrencies, but many other digital assets, including Forex, stocks, indices and commodities.
Our team has worked very hard to create and curate the ATS Script Library, so that every type of trader can find a complementary script that suits their needs. Each script has its own strategy. Whether you want to go long or short, invest or scalp, we’ve got you covered. Never fret over your open positions again, with our automated stop-loss and take profit advanced trailing system. We have scripts for all types of candles (Traditional, Heikhin Ashi, Renko), and our scripts can be used for not just cryptocurrency, but also Forex, stocks, indices and commodities, for both bot and manual traders.

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ATS S-R Support and Resistance

Why you should choose the ATS script library:

  • Guidelines for all scripts on multiple timeframes
  • 24/7 Support and Advice
  • Great community
  • 20 scripts included
  • Non repaint
  • Aggressive buy/sell (Instant)
  • Buy/sell entry
  • Barclose buy/sell
  • 3-step stop-loss and take-profit
  • Built-in trailing system trailing start/end
  • Always Alert script included
  • All timeframes supported
  • Scripts for manual and bot traders
  • A script for every trading style
  • New scripts and updates released regularly
  • One price for the whole library, including updates and new scripts
  • Always the best strategies for the most accurate buy and sell signals
  • All candle types supported (Traditional, Heikhin Ashi, Renko)
  • Designed to support all market types and conditions
  • Cryptocurrency, Forex, Stocks, Indices, otc and Commodities

Altcoin Trading Services is here to support and help you grow your portfolio with consistent fully automated success. We understand creating script settings is not an easy task, and that’s why we are here to support you to help you in setting up your custom indicators to maximize your profitability.
We have created multiple platforms for your support, including our GitHub wiki, where you can learn the basics. If you read through each section, you will find a wealth of valuable information.

We created the ATS Discord server for chatting with the admins, scriptwriters and most importantly other customers. We have created a subchannel for each script and a shared settings chatbox. Here you can share your profitable settings and ideas with other users to grow and learn together.
We created also the ATS Telegram chat, where you can also chat with our administrators and other users.

7 day trial on the whole script library

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

We all were beginners at some point, and we all needed support and ideas from those who came before us!


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